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June 1, 2010
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dA Tutorial: Userpage Icons by Xadrea dA Tutorial: Userpage Icons by Xadrea
this tutorial explains the userpage bar icons =D hope it helps someone out a little ^ ^ requested by *printsILike
I made this entirely in GIMP and the fella icons are courtesy of `JurgenDoe

thanks for the DD! it's my very first!:heart::heart::heart:


Hi everyone! I've found out (from the admins) that owning more than one account on dA is definitely allowed. The only occasion it will get you in trouble is if you are suspended or banned and are trying to avoid punishment.

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Daily Deviation

Given 2010-06-05
Ever got confused by the menu at the top on your profile page?
If yes, then dA Tutorial: Userpage Icons by =Xadrea will definitely help you to understand it better.
If you are new to dA or still don't understand everything you should take a look at this handy tutorial!

[dA related > DA Tutorials] ( Featured by ginkgografix )
I finally know what the tag line is now and how to get it! Thanks so muh for the tutorial!
Xadrea Nov 26, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
:giggle: you're welcome!
Whew, glad that a person can have more than one account. Or else plz's would be screwed.
Xadrea Jul 28, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
lol i know right? I also found out u can have 3 usernames per email address which is pretty spiffy if u need it i guess ^ ^
It's a great idea to make tutorials about DA, really brilliant! And it's nicely done ;)

Juste a question : why, before username, there are signs like this : "=", "~", "*", ">" etc... ?
What they means?

Thanks! ;)
Xadrea Jun 16, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
You're welcome and thank you :XD:
I was going to do an explaination of those symbols as well in a seperate tut, but since you asked I'll tell you anyway :la:
Every deviant with a basic membership (not premium) gets a tilly in front of their name(~). Deviants who have premium membership have an asterisk (*). If that premium member is a beta tester, a person who gets to try out newer features and reports bugs on them, will have an equals symbol ( = ). Members who've shown outstanding community love are awarded "deviousness" the title of senior member, and get a check symbol ('), former staff also have this symbol. Volunteer Gallery moderators have a hat symbol (^). Volunteer Staff members have the at symbol (@). The General Admins have the plus symbol (+). The Creative Team staff have the cents symbol (). The people employed by dA have the dollar sign symbol ($). Officially run dA pages have the pound symbol (). Lastly, a banned person has an exclamation point (!). Hope that helps you out ;)
Ohhhh, thanks
it's helpfull :)
I was wandering for a time and thanks to you i'm clever today ;)

the (!) sign is sooo discret XD

thanks again!!! :)
Xadrea Jun 16, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
no problemo =D
There's one question answered! I was wondering why my groups were not visible in the Profile bar.
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