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January 22, 2013
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Hello everyone! In this “Common Misconceptions” blog we’ll be covering the often-debated topic of Daily Deviations, more commonly known as DD’s. This topic is probably most talked about above any other here on deviantART and I don’t think it can be discussed enough when it comes to misinformation. So, let’s begin!

:bulletred:A Daily Deviation is an award
Deviousness is an award (and honor). A Daily Deviation is not. A Daily Deviation is a 24-hour site wide feature of the artwork of the community. Think of it as a showcase, not an award ceremony. Artists are supposed to showcase their work occasionally, and it’s not an award to have your work shown.
:bulletred:If you’re friends with a CV or $taff, you’ll get a DD/that person got a DD because they are friends with CV and $taff members
NOPE. First of all, our $taff and CV’s are great people, and if you don’t know any, take the time to get to know some. However, this does not make someone more likely to get a DD.

:bulletred: Only people with Premium Memberships can get DD’s
Like the previous myth, this one is also false. Anyone can get a DD, regardless of membership status.

:bulletred:______ shouldn’t have received that DD, because _______ was on dA longer!

It really doesn’t matter how long you’ve been a deviant when it comes to getting DD’s. If you feel that someone who’s been here longer “deserves” a DD more than someone who has been here maybe not even a week, you’re sadly mistaken.

:bulletred:Some things/people just don’t deserve to get DD’s

To be fair, it will be absolutely impossible for you to like every image you come across in the DD’s. Some subjects or art styles may not jive with you, and that’s ok. What isn’t is pitching a fit about it. I’m not sure where the phrase “this doesn’t deserve” originated when it comes to DD’s because a DD isn’t even something that can be earned.

:bulletred:DD’s have gone downhill

Once again, to be fair, it’s impossible for every DD to tickle you pink. To say that the selections that are in the DD’s are going downhill quality wise is absurd. If anything, I’d say that the features that are in the DD’s are not what you’ll come across in museums or public art forums, and it’s not because of quality. Sterility of images or more “traditional” subject matter isn’t an issue with DD’s. Quite honestly, the DD’s represent great works that can otherwise be largely ignored by the art world (such as cosplay and creative writing). Because the community here has grown so extensively since DA began more than a decade ago, there’s a much wider variety of art to showcase.

:bulletred:There’s nothing but naked women and Anime in the DD’s

Actually, no, there isn’t. If you’re not a fan of nudes, turn on your mature filter (seriously do it). If you’re not a fan of Anime, no need to venture as far as clicking on one of the images to leave a mean comment. To say that the DD’s are comprised of only two types of images is not only incorrect but lazy.

:bulletred:There’s no selection process in choosing DD’s, that’s why some genres are chosen all the time

There is a selection process in place and although each CV has their own finalizing methods, the community ultimately has a lot of say in what images are featured. Some genres are featured more often than others sometimes because of how active the CV is, other times because there was nothing satisfactory to that CV to feature. If you are in love with something and you’d like for everyone to see it, suggest it as a DD to the appropriate CV or $taff member for its category. On that same token, every gallery has a moderator, so if you see a DD for Pixel art two days in a row, there’s nothing to get bent out of shape about. It would be great for every gallery to have something in the DD’s everyday to show off the creativity of our community.

:bulletred:If you already have a DD, you can’t get another one in the future

There’s a six-month rule for deviants who’ve received past DD’s. So to answer this myth, it’s no, you can certainly have multiple DD’s; six months must have passed in between each feature however. If you’re curious whether or not someone you’re about to suggest for a DD has had one recently you can check by typing this url into your browser: (replace “username” with the person’s name)

If you ever, for any reason at all, have a problem with a DD that you feel you need to voice, do so to the CV or $taff that featured it. Do not, do not, do not leave a message on the offending image stating your disdain for it or the genre. Remember also, anyone can suggest a DD! For your convenience, here’s a list of all of the CVs and $taff who feature DD’s along with the gallery they oversee:

All Galleries - Moonbeam13

Community Projects - namenotrequired

Anthro - KovoWolf

Anime/Manga - :devrydi1689 and sTiViA

Artisan Crafts - Talty and maytel

Body Art & Modification - Battledress

Comics & Cartoons - alexandrasalas and jcroxas

Cosplay - pullingcandy


Digital Dolls - IridescentStardust

Emoticons - ChaosEmeraldHunter

Icons & Handhelds - ValaSedai

Skins & Themes – neiio

Designs & Interfaces - princepal

Game Development Art - PolyMune

DeviantART Related - bradleysays

Digital Art - Thiefoworld and mamiffer

3-Dimensional Art - alltheoriginalnames

Fractal Art - SaTaNiA

Photomanipulation - Aeirmid

Pixel Art - ClefairyKid

Vector - ChewedKandi

Vexel - TheLastHuzzah

Fan Art - alexandrasalas and Lyricanna

Fan Fiction - JZLobo

Film & Animation - kingmancheng and Moonbeam13

Flash - SqueakyToybox

Literature - Beccalicious, thorns, Nichrysalis and :devneurotype

Photography - Kaz-D and 3wyl

Abstract & Surreal - arctoa

Animals, Plants and Nature - IsacGoulart

Architecture - AnaNaszynska

Artistic Nude - Nyx-Valentine

Darkroom - RockstarVanity

Fashion - Pixel-Spotlight

Fetish - Nyx-Valentine

Horror/Macabre - pullingcandy

Photojournalism - xbastex

Pin-up & Glamour - DistortedSmile

Resources & Stock Images - Elandria and PirateLotus-Stock

Space & Sci-Fi - :devalltheoriginalnames :

Text & typography - pica-ae

Traditional Art - deshrubber, Astralseed, SRudy and STelari

Street Art & Graffiti - kiwi-pdd

Other Staff Members with DD privileges who take suggestions from the community:

Anthro, Comics & Cartoons & Digital Art - kozispoon

Digital Art - ekud

Fan Art - aunjuli

All areas - Ikue

All areas - fourteenthstar

All areas - Thunderstatement

Now what are you waiting for? Go suggest some DD’s!


More useful tidbits on DD's:…

This installment of Common Misconceptions is covering DD's and some of the most prevalent whispering that goes on about them. As always if you have any questions, feel free to ask! I'll do my best to answer them, or find someone who can :D
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DracoPhobos Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
alexandrasalas told me that they're not a community volunteer anymore and can't feature DD's
Xadrea Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
This journal's a bit old :) I'll update the CV/$taff list soon :D
DracoPhobos Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Pencil-Stencil Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
this is all very true and helpful to keep in mind once artists get a bit lost and discouraged in the realm of online exposure and start to judge it by the number of favs and views. but there are a few things to keep in mind that kind of of contradict what you wrote and are still true (and i'm pretty sure you addressed some of those because it's been brought up constantly by deviants).

- a DD is not a reward but getting one might feel like it is - because the CVs who choose from thousands of artworks everyday and feature YOURS for 24 hours is a big deal to most people. the CVs must take into account creativity, skill and that special something (whatever they choose to be that special something) to put an artwork on a featured page for millions to see. it means that with their trained eye in appreciating good art they chose yours and got you the exposure you never would have gotten otherwise. so you may not be winning a trophy, but it boosts self confidence about what you do and others actually appreciating it :) =P it's like you did win something just for a day. it may feel silly but it's the small things that count.

- the same types of art getting featured over and over again - as someone who has been checking the DDs on a daily basis for a really long time now, in my humble opinion - it is kind of true. and it is kind of frustrating. it's not necessarily that we don't like those 2 particular kinds of art that constantly get featured, it's that we don't really get how is that fair, and it gets boring. some people are really inconsiderate about expressing their discontent with something that goes on on dA, but there are many of us who like all kinds of art, media and styles and like to go through each and every single featured DD, regardless of what it is. and when speaking of 'fairness', i'm aware that this isn't some kind of competition or anything, i'm talking from the POV of artists getting exposure and other artists getting to appreciate art from different categories, getting inspired and motivated etc. that's what the CVs have the privilege of giving us, and that's why they're called 'community' volunteers. but featuring solely from their personal preferences over and over again seizes to be 'community' work, if we go back at the beginning of the discussion and conclude that it's about giving a feature for all different types of wonderful art. what personally bugs me the most (and obviously a lot of other people) is how much Anime gets featured constantly. and the reason is because there is a CV for featuring from the Manga/Anime category ONLY, and then there are 3 CVs in charge of the Fanart category. and surely, it's their freedom and right to feature art by personal preferences, but too much is too much - not really sure whom to suggest to out of the 3 CVs when all 3 have the same preference - Anime? I thought that picking more than 1 CV to manage one category had a purpose of taking variety of styles, media and preferences into account, cause Fanart is such a huge category in itself. and somehow we still manage to get the same type of art featured on a daily basis, over and over again. so what, you say, if you don't like it then don't look at it? -  well, i like to look at it, and i like to appreciate and suggest DDs myself, from all different categories. and so much beautiful art gets constantly ignored because the CVs just like anime so much. i'm sorry, i thought there was a special category for anime ONLY? it's ok to have a preference, but i think that with being a COMMUNITY volunteer, it's also okay to get out of own comfort zone every once in a while. they take suggestions from deviants, not just pick the features themselves, so instead of not even considering anything that isn't anime, put some variety into it. it sometimes happens that something else gets featured, but on most days it just feels like out of the 20ish pieces featured, there are at least 5 Animes. well, 'scuse me for wanting to see some variety :shrug:

this doesn't go out to you, but since you addressed the issue i figured i'd give my 2cents about some things, cause many people obviously have a problem with it. perhaps explaining in such detail might make more sense as to why :)

keep up the great work with your journals :heart:
MegaAnimeFreak7 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2014  Student Writer
I don`t thin MANGA/ANIME is up there
Xadrea Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
Third row in under Anthro. Each category here is listed alphabetically :) 
MegaAnimeFreak7 Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2014  Student Writer
Thanks :)
miss-american Featured By Owner May 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
a really helpful journal, thanks for sharing this :D 
Xadrea Featured By Owner May 7, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
you're welcome :D
miss-american Featured By Owner May 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
:D :D
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