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July 24
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You’re probably well acquainted with the old proverb “practice makes perfect.” And while I don’t fully believe that perfection is attainable, because the very notion of perfection is somewhat subjective, getting better at anything requires both time and effort. I’m going be very blunt here; if you want to improve your artistic skill you need to actually practice.

My heart goes out to everyone here who is struggling to improve so don’t feel that I’m purposely singling you out here. However throughout my time on dA (and in real life) I’ve met artists begging for advice on how to quickly improve and sadly when I tell them to begin practicing the excuse is always ‘well, I don’t really have the time for that.’


And I ain’t got time for yo attitude.

:bulletred: You do have the time

Inb4 “you don’t know my life!!!1one1!!” Listen here young padawon, everyone is busy, everyone has responsibilities, everyone has non art related stuff to deal with everyday. You’re not special because you’re swamped with different things than I. Here’s a little secret: if something is important you will make time for it. 

Referencing Star Wars and Star Trek in the same paragraph ftw.

:bulletred: You are in charge of your success

There comes a certain point where you can no longer blame lack of time, lack of inspiration, other people, etc. for why you aren’t getting where you want to with your artwork. This advice applies for any goal; it’s not unique to artists.

High fives for everyone!

:bulletred: Art block, art schmlock

We’ve all been there. A stifling of inspiration, creative juices, this that and the other. An art block is not a sufficient excuse to stop making art if you’re trying to improve. If I am in the block mode, rather than try to sit there and ‘come up’ with something to draw, I’ll do a still life. I’ll practice mixing colors. I’ll do thumbnail sketches from people watching. Sitting there glowering because I can’t think of anything to draw on my own is not only unproductive, but also depressing.

Kick that art block right in the fayse.

:bulletred: You don’t need fancy materials

That’s one of the oldest excuses in the book. You want to paint but don’t have top grade oils? Train yourself on the $1 pan of kiddie watercolors from the drug store. Want to sculpt but have no clay? Make homemade playdough from water, flour, and salt. Want to draw, but you have no paper? Doodle on junk mail, envelopes, and napkins. Want to do digital art, but alas Photoshop is too expensive? GIMP,, hell even MS Paint are there for a reason dude!  Before I got a graphics tablet I did digital painting with my laptop track pad and fingers. You’re apt to be even more creative with a lesser amount of materials.

There are no limits to your creativity!



Don't limit yourself with excuses when it comes to improving your art :) 
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N0ha Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Very inspiring ... dividing the topic with pictures behind every single piece makes it interesting and helps to continue the reading :D
Minakie Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I don't really have an art block, I actually have a lot of ideas. The problem is that shortly after I start working on one is as if my will to finish it drains away and I end up not finishing it and sometimes not even getting started at all. I know part of it has to do with my ADHD characteristics, but I used to be able to mostly have it under control and beat my own procrastination. Thing is a lot has been going on in my life at once lately and it feels as if right now I don't have that will to fight against myself.
And I guess I could try to force myself to finish something, but I know by experience that the ending result would be lacking quality. All I can do right now is wait for my life to get back on track. I still have been trying to do some art either way. Like chopping it into smaller tasks. Sometimes it helps, but not always.
Carnival-28 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Same thing happened to me. There are a few things that work for me with this problem. Try doodling. Going in with the "I am doing work" mentality is not going to accomplish squat most of the time. It rarely works for me. I draw because I want to get better, or because I wanna know how something works. Common things that hindered me was my fear of "drawing wrong", Trying to "work" and getting intimidated over other's work. Don't think of quality. Just scribble down ideas and things you'll like. Keep that up for a couple of minutes or so, and you'll build up your desire for drawing. Inertia, and stuff. The primary rule here, is to make sure you have fun, and keep in that mindset of "I'm having fun with the power of art!". You can also try getting inspired by works you find, or force yourself into a collaborative effort with someone who will make you do it. Oh, and I feel the idea of life drawing helps me if I have the mentallity of "This is improving my flaws as an artist."

Also, stay positive. I'm no Rembrandt, but I can get down what I see. Don't think "I'm not that good." Think I'm not that bad. Any artist will always see their work as far worse than it actually is. Keep that in mind.

Hope I helped. If not, ask me a question. 
PleasantlyEscaping Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014
You're so right about digital art stuff. I used to draw on a laptop mousepad(it wasn't even my laptop, it was issued by my middle school). Today I draw on a tablet with my finger(it's not an art tablet, it's issued my high school) and even sometimes draw using a mouse because I got my own laptop. And I've actually managed to improve with all that! :lol:
Xadrea Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
Artist ingenuity at it's best! Best of luck as you continue to improve!
CzeladniK09 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I really need to stamp those yellow sticky papers all around with motivational quotes and built a good routine to get My work done :XD:

Thank You for sharing the lecture !
Xadrea Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
Those are actually really effective :D I had a professor who would walk around shouting "NO LAZY" (:XD: she was taiwanese) so I printed off a poster of the 'no' symbol with "NO LAZY" laid over it for me and my studio mate's studio space:lol: it was super effective
CzeladniK09 Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
"NO LAZY", Haha :XD: I wish I could hear that !

That reminds Me about the Motivational posters from Markiplier's let's play Bunker 16 :XD:
I will make a affirmation and chant it every morning, speaking of affirmations... thats another clever technique worth trying.

Verily, information IS power !
KrazyKitty11 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014  Student General Artist
THIS. Also, the references, oh lawdy the references! :D
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