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Every Job I've Ever Had

Journal Entry: Wed May 28, 2014, 7:33 PM
So my buddie simpleCOMICS wrote this Every Job I've Ever HadToday marks the one-year anniversary of the day I started working at my current job. It doesn't seem like it's been that long already. It got me thinking that I've never really shared much about my jobs with you guys. I've had a lot of jobs since I first started working in high school. Here's a summary of my career history. (btw, I'd love for you to make a journal about all of your jobs too.)
Job #1: Ceiling Tile Replacement - It's an odd first job, but for one Summer after tenth grade, I worked with a maintenance company that cleaned and repaired parts of the school over the Summer. My job was to go around the entire campus, with a cart of tiles and a step ladder, and replace those ceiling titles with water stains on them.
Job #2: Dishwasher - I was a dishwasher for a very expensive restaurant in my hometown. It was considered a stopping point for travelers passing through so it stayed busy. I would regularly work until 1am washing dishes. That restaurant was later destroyed by Hurric

spiffy journal today about his work history and I thought I'd do that same :D I'll add in my volunteer jobs too :D

Job #1: Children's Hospital Volunteer- More commonly known as "candy striping." I was a general volunteer for the Akron Children's Hospital for about 4 years and it was a pretty fun job ^ ^ I moved patients around for tests and x-rays, delivered specimens, blood, charts, beds, specimens, and wheelchairs all around the hospital campus. Occasionally, I did mail stuffing, held babies, played with children, and read stories to kids not well enough to get out of bed. I also led tours for schools and athletic teams. The only reason I quit was because college interfered with my schedule. 

Job #2: Student Assistant- More commonly known as a "page." This was my first paying job :D It had its ups and downs but it was fairly simple and I ended up making above minimum wage after my first six months there (and before state funding was cut and froze all our salaries permanently). Most of the work included shelving, shelf reading, and circulation but there was a lot of general customer service too. You'd be surprised how rude people are in libraries (not to mention creepy and unhygienic) :XD: I had that job for 6 years and I quit because I was moving out of state to go to grad school. 

Job #3: Service Clerk- I so hated my job at Walgreens as a service clerk. The work itself wasn't too bad outside of long shifts on my feet, and mean customers, it was the people I had to put up with on staff. The managers were unbelievably and unnecessarily rude to the people who worked under them, not to mention I was made to feel like an idiot all the time. If a customer was mad about a price and wanted to talk to the manager, they would take their sweet ole time to come up front, then act like it was MY FAULT for not breaking rules about pricing just to appease the angry customer. This was the only job I was never trained for, not even once. The only way I learned how to do things was by screwing up repeatedly after asking to be shown how to do said task correctly. The reasoning for this? Not enough "time" to train me...this was a 24 hour store mind you. When one of my co-workers who worked in the cosmetics department got pregnant and needed to work shorter shifts (and by shorter I mean 10-6 as opposed to 10-8) the store manager refused until she brought in a doctor's note. This store manager also had very unrealistic sales ideas and we were constantly being pushed to promote things on the front end of the store that were just stupid, like flu shots. He wanted us to ask customers if they got a flu shot, on their way out, and then send them back to the pharmacy for them to get one. That was 1 of 5 questions to ask the poor person while they were simply trying to buy a pack of gum ;_____; "Would you like to buy x, would you like to donate to x, do you have a store card, have you been immunized, on your receipt call the number to rate your transaction and give them my name. Be well." If you didn't say the whole script you'd get chewed out. I swear, the managers would hide to see if you did it, but of course they could never be found if there was an actual emergency. A woman ran into the store crying late one night because her boyfriend had beat her up and was after her. Both managers on duty conveniently split while I called 911 because the effing phone at the FRONT of the store could not call out (can you say irresponsible??), then after the police arrived and arrested the boyfriend and I had settled the woman down they acted like nothing happened and didn't write an incident report. I quit because it was insane to put up with that amount of bullshit on minimum wage with a Bachelor's degree./rant

Job #5: Illustrator- I still have this job :D I'm a contract illustrator for Laughing Dog Artworks! It's pretty fun, and fairly easy. The guy I work for is pretty straight forward with his projects and he's very transparent about changes he wants in projects. I draw dogs doing people things like playing baseball, walking around a college campus, ect. I'm paid pretty well for it too, so that's always lovely ^ ^ The only downside about it is that it isn't "steady" work. 

Job #4: Summer Intern- Last summer I was an intern for a healthy living company that runs it's own social media website thingy. My job was to write blogs that would increase traffic to the website. Ultimately, I'm not sure if that happened, but the editorial staff seemed to like my writing and most of my content was accepted without any critical feedback outside of grammatical errors. The only thing I didn't like about the internship was that I saw almost no one the whole time I was there. I could come in, go to my cubical for 6 hours and not see a soul except the secretary at the front desk.

Job #5: Teen Art Program Intern-By far my most favorite job was interning for the West Michigan Center for Arts and Technology. Great people on staff, and great mission. It's a non profit organization that offers after school art classes (and trips to places like Chicago, Toronto, and Yellowstone) for teenagers and job certification/training for unemployed adults...all for free. The classes were cool too, like video production, photography, video game design, street art, and app design. I mostly did office work and things of that nature, but it was cool to see the inner workings of a non profit ^ ^ I was with them for almost a year, and they probably would've liked me to stay even longer, but I need a paying job XD

Job #6: Illustrator (again)- I recently signed a contract with the e-book company Borne Digital as an illustrator. Borne Digital produces e-books (and some published by the company itself) that help kids learn to read and increase vocabulary. This is an unpaid job for now, buuuuut it'll get me some more experience working in this field and with a larger company. Right now I'm working on a cover for O.Henry's The Gift of the Magi. 

Job #7: Summer Social Media Intern (again)- Another unpaid internship :XD: I'll be a social media intern for a company called TravelersToday this summer. I'll be aggregating viral content for their facebook page(s) and managing them as well. While it is unpaid, it'll give me some more valuable skills and build up my resume more. 

So, all in all, I'm looking for more work this summer without much luck so far :XD: It's a bit of a catch-22 with the internship thing, they'll give you real workplace experience for short periods of time, but they're rarely paid positions. Meanwhile, you can't get hired in the jobs you'd prefer to have because you don't have enough "experience" :XD: Also, already owning a degree automatically overqualifies you for work you can do for some's the pits mang. Well, I don't want this to turn into a complaints fest so I'll wrap this up :lol: What's your work history? Do you have any funny or scary work stories?

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simpleCOMICS Featured By Owner May 29, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Interesting work history. I was lucky enough to dodge standard retail work and from what you say about Walgreens, it's a good thing I did. It sounds like it was a horrible experience. As for the others, it's really cool that at least you're able to put your art skills to use.

I wish you luck on this year's job hunt. My suggestion is to make a big list of things within your travel range. Get phone numbers and addresses from google, the phone book, and even businesses you can see from driving around. I applied to over fifty places before getting a callback last year.
Xadrea Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
Yep, definitely avoid retail at all costs :lol: Even if you work with decent people, there's other stuff that is really hard to put up with for long periods of time XD. I had an interview at the city library this past Thursday so I'm hopeful about that, and I've sent off apps to another local college's library (both for Library Assistant positions). I got hired on the spot for an ArtPrize event planning internship yesterday that will lead to paid work in the fall and an education grant. I think in the time that I wrote this journal until now I've sent off maybe another 8 or 9 apps :faint: Since filling out online apps is so tedious I made myself a document with all my previous work history, supervisor contact info, and company names & addresses to copypasta :giggle: I've got stacks of cover letters and resumes too :XD:
simpleCOMICS Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Stacks are a good thing. I'm not sure if you need it but if you do need a reference for art-based services, I'll be happy to put in a good word for you, since you've done a handful of projects with and for me. ^^
Xadrea Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
Thanks :D I'll let you know if I need you to be a reference ^ ^:heart:
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